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Brilliance in the Basics

Introduction Tired of watching you and your friends get compromised, do exactly what's in this blog and start beating adversaries. Avoiding the memes adversaries win because of simple mistakes and neglect and we all already know what they are so I'm going to list them for you. Its all for free too. Enumerate To put it simply, there shouldn't be anything you don't know about your environment, you should know who all your users are, where all your electronic devices are and what they do, what applications you have and what versions they are. Enumeration is the jet fuel for making good defensive decisions. I wrote about how to enumerate your environment here  Securing your estate: The First Step ( . Follow these steps and become the arbitrator of your own environment  Your perimeter is a bridge, not a wall Monitor your perimeter as best as you can but always assume it has already been defeated. Monitor endpoint system and process telemetry and southwest traf

Endpoint on Adrenaline 3

Introduction Now that I have covered the advanced features obtained from Defender for Cloud and the complexities of Defender for Endpoint with the objective of delivering as much protection as possible to the endpoint, I will now explore how to expand on this greatly and open up even more use cases. Microsoft Sentinel This technology will allow us to unify and correlate data generated by other controls. I have decided to deploy Microsoft Sentinel into 4 primary categories : System Administrator - Asset Uptime, Application Inventory, Device configuration and Troubleshooting Network Engineers - Netflow and session traffic, violations and alerts for potential issues Threat Detection - Analytics and playbooks Threat hunting - Workbooks & Machine learning Using Microsoft Sentinel we can achieve a plethora of incredibly powerful use cases with Defender 365 endpoint data. Below is an illustration of how my SIEM works to enable analysts to prevent and detect threats Data Sources In order t

Investigate Three

 Analysis  In this post, I explain analysis and the associated techniques to mean at the lowest possible level a human’s ability to consume external stimulus of its near-infinite complexity and produce thoughtful and data-backed decisions. Within our industry, we are plagued with information twisted and corrupted by entities wishing to profit, As such this is where your analysis starts as a human. At every moment at every crossroad, you must take a data point and allow it to flower into thousands of other thoughts, then you must evaluate each subsequent thought and draw a line back to “what is already” known, The further away the thought the thinner the line back to known but the greater room the flower to bloom. That is to say don’t discount radical ideas. When presented with an alert security vendors expend significant energy into putting “options” available to the individual reviewing the alert. In general, there will never be an option you should not explore what is key is evalua

Endpoint on Adrenaline Two

Introduction Continuing on from my last post that captured using Defender for Cloud to gain powerful additional features on top of defender for endpoint to protect your endpoints we are going to take a closer look at Defender for Endpoint itself and extend into some endpoint-specific use cases for Defender for Identity that tie directly back into Defender for Endpoint. Firstly a really important consideration when configuring Defender for Endpoint is that alot of the heavy lifting from a prevention standpoint actually happens in Defender Anti virus. This means that while im going to briefly cover some settings to make sure Defender Anti Virus isnt hindering Defender for Endpoint im going to reserve further Defender Anti Virus controls to the next part in this series. This also of course means that when your doing your own testing just installing the MSSense agent (What you get from the scripts, intune etc) is actually not Defender for Endpoint in its totality so you simply can not m

Investigate Two

Introductions How you as an analyst handle true positives is life and death in the eyes of potential victims. Traditionally the industry elected to prioritize overzealousness and sending more than not to cover their failings, This however is no different to guesses and it is possible to arrive at strong data-backed decisions on events that could be the compromise of an estate True Positive True positives exist at the heart of all our jobs, they are what we wake up for in the morning and why we endlessly pursue understanding how to protect our clients. The strictest possible definition of true positive is where an outcome of a prediction or model is returned true. This broad definition is important because the assumption carried with a predication or model can change. As an example many security technologies aim to identify when an application often unwanted by an organization is present within a system, these are commonly dubbed PUPs. (Potentially Unwanted Programs). The general cons