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Writing detections when stuck with EDR

Introduction Making the leap to purchasing and maintaining an EDR solution can be huge for organisations so huge in fact that they never really progress from there when it comes to visibility on assets. This is an important consideration because organisations should aim to achieve some level of detection engineering but will likely never get to explore the associated complexities. So how can organisations effectively and easily write detections that actually help to protect them when they are only able to leverage an EDR tool. Understanding your tools limitations To most people EDR tools are incredibly verbose in the telemetry they capture from any given asset but unfortunately relative to overall telemetry available they actually only capture what the vendors think is the most pertinent. This is for obvious reasons because ingesting telemetry at the scale vendors do comes at a significant cost so they implement "cost-saving measures" like limiting the amount of any one given

Securing your estate: The First Step

Introduction A commonly forgotten fact within the cybersecurity industry is that most organizations are not equipped nor have started to form any sort of security program. This is the case for many reasons because most organizations are SMBs so they don't and likely will never have funds to purchase people and technology and the fact that the cybersecurity industry is incredibly toxic for low expertise and or low capability teams as the well of knowledge we all rely on has been poisoned by vendors and 'thought leaders'. With this in mind, I have created a small resource that will guide you through what you need to do to make a start. This resource won't reference vendors and I will try to avoid specific jargon. Enumerate The term 'You can't secure what you don't know' stands strong even to this day and should be your primary focus before you do anything else. Understanding what assets, you have both physically (computer hardware) and logically (applicati