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Analysts | Who you are

Introduction  Due to the nature of our work we are ne er given a finishing line and as such we must break down what analysts do into fudemdemental components and the measurements for them Who are Analysts Analysts look at data, turn it into information and place assertions on that information. So where you can find opportunities to measure how well an individual does this task Preparation An analyst is expected to analyze any piece of data they are given whether it's the first even record of its time or something of frequent occurrence and large volumn  no human mide can grasp the complexity of that task so the active and deliberate steps taken by the analyst before they are presented with data is important. Repeated and deliberate exposure to relevant challanges-  Analysts must forceful recreate scenarios that simulate tasks they would be given. In doing this they aim to both find healthy thought pathways and methodologies while eliminating potential weakness in their approachas.